Bridging the gap

between dance and science.

We partner with science organizations to engage new audiences and create our works.


We value an environmentally minded, sustainable, and ethical business model. Here's how:

Environmental Impact

Economic Power

Equitable Opportunities
Our props and costumes are 100% found and reused items and we reduce our paper waste by communicating electronically.

As a new company with few resources, Analog ensures that its artists are paid first. Our ultimate goal is to pay a competitive rate with consistent hours.

We thrive on diverse experiences and ways of thinking. We aim to be inclusive through these actions:    
  • Analog prioritizes inclusivity in our dance auditions by creating an open call, meaning we do not vett dancers interested in attending the audition. Resumes and headshots are not asked for, as this is a deterrent to those who may not have them. 

  • Analog is committed to being a safer space for individuals of all gender identities. We do not assume gender - we ask for persons’ pronouns (artists, patrons, committee members, partners, etc.) and only hold events where there are gender neutral bathrooms or arrange to accommodate. We announce these accommodations in advance for all events so that all feel welcome.

These are small steps and we have so much more work to do. We look forward to expanding these steps to have a greater impact throughout our future programming.

Analog Dance Works